Professional development of the department’s lecturers within the framework of the DAAD project

To support Ukrainian biology teachers and students, Director of the Institute of Physiology at the University of Tübingen, Prof. Olga Garaschuk, initiated the project “Ukraine digital: Ensuring academic success in times of crisis”. The project was supported by DAAD (German Academic Exchange Service). The online course «Mastering online teaching of life science» was organized for the Ukrainian lecturers involved in this project.

The course was conducted by a team of lecturers from the University of Leeds (UK) with the involvement of Ukrainian lecturer Volodymyr Shvadchak, Associate Professor of Biochemistry and Biotechnology Department. The course is 1 ECTS credit (24 hours of lectures, 6 hours of practical classes). The course was attended by six lecturers from the Department of Biochemistry and Biotechnology.

Course content:

The course will start with a blended-learning module “Continuing Professional Development (CPD) Training – Online Teaching, Assessment and Feedback skills” provided by the Organisational Development and Professional Learning team from the University of Leeds. In the second part of the workshop, the members of our team will share and discuss their practical experience in handling an audience with a heterogeneous knowledge basis, organizing effective open-book online examinations as well as digitalization of the study programs, specific measures and considerations needed when giving courses during the war, approaches for teaching students to use specialized software (e.g., VMD, ImageJ, Origin, ChemDraw, see the course program for details) and developing laboratory skills in online courses. During seminars, the participants will also present/exchange examples of their own online lectures, exams, and assignments for discussion, analysis, and improvements

More information about the course progmar is available on the project website