Congratulations to Professor Lushchak and Leading Specialist Tetiana Dmytriv on the publication of a review article in The Chemical Record

Congratulations to Professor Volodymyr Lushchak and Leading Specialist Tetiana Dmytriv for publishing a review article on the safety of MXenes in The Chemical Record journal (impact factor – 6.6; Q1 in Biochemistry). MXenes are metal carbides and nitrides capable of forming ultrathin layers. MXenes were invented by the group of Yuri Gogotsi, an American materials scientist of Ukrainian descent. The spectrum of applications and research of MXenes is constantly expanding, and the number of studies is growing every year. These new materials are promising for the production of supercapacitators, batteries, composite materials, sensors, antennas, etc. Since spectrum of MXene applications is expanding, the question of biosafety, biocompatibility and toxicity of these compounds arises. The review article by Professor Lushchak and Leading Specialist Tetiana Dmytriv is devoted to these questions. The study of MXenes is a new research direction of our Department, which is still waiting for its full development. It is also important that the article is dedicated to Ukrainian soldiers who defend our country from Russian invaders.