Preparation of Abstract

Tips for Abstract Writing

Abstract should not exceed one A4 page, in Microsoft Word format (doc or docx), written in Ukrainian or English. Tables and figures are not allowed. The font for the entire text is Arial, font size – 12 pt, line spacing – multiplier, 1.25.; all page margins should be 2 cm. Abstract may contain 1-4 sources of literature at the end.

Thesis structure:

1) Abstract title (bold letters, aligned to center of page, font size 14 pt).

2) Last and first name (initial) of the author/authors of the abstract.

3) Author’s (s’) affiliation: name of the institution, city, country, e-mail of the author(s). Alignment – centered, font size – 11 pt, style – italic.

4) Main text, left-aligned. The indentation of the first line of the paragraph is 1 cm. The text of the abstract should not contain hyphens and bold letters. Latin names of species and names of genes should be italicized.

5) Abstract must contain information about the author’s/authors’ own research. The text must be proof-read, and does not contain spelling and punctuation errors.

The name of the abstract file must correspond to the presenter’s name in Latin.


An example of abstract formatting

Title of work

Author A., Author B., Author C.

Department, Official name of the institution,

Email address:

Abstract text. The first sentence should have an indent of 1 cm. The font is Arial, the size is 12 pt. Alignment is on the left edge.