The war in Ukraine, started by Russia, brought both new challenges and new opportunities. Many foreign universities and scientific institutions have opened various support programs for Ukrainian scientists and students.

One of these possible opportunities was used by our third-year student (now in her fourth year) – Karina Malinovska, who applied and successfully passed an interview for an internship at the School of Biosciences of the University of Birmingham (United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland), opening wide opportunities for students. Recently, Karina Malinovska started a research internship at the School of Biosciences in the research group of Professor Alicia Hidalgo.

Here are the first impressions of our student:

“I am studying a lot during a week, so only weekends are more or less free. Until September 16, I will go to the English language academy every day (except weekends) from 9 am to 1 pm, after that I will start working in the laboratory this week. Here I learn the Gateway cloning method and work with the seq builder pro program, I work in the team of Professor Alicia Hidalgo at the School of Biosciences of the University of Birmingham. While I am just “entering” the entire work process, it is difficult to tell much. Leisure time here is very good, the university arranges trips to different cities, last Saturday we were in Manchester, and somewhere a trip to London is planned. By the way, a funny fact, the building of biosciences there is a little reminiscent of our faculty and the laboratory where I work is also on the 6th floor))”

We wish Karina fruitful studies, new messages and interesting photos.