Significant contribution of the Department’s scientists to building the scientific potential of PNU

We are pleased to announce that as of May 2023, the university scientists have published 1,664 publications in the Scopus scientometric database, the Hirsch index is 60, and the number of citations is 19736. Our scientists published 1,515 publications in the Web of Science scientometric database, the Hirsch index is 55, and number of citations is 16,371.

🔝 The growth of PNU’s positions in Scopus and Web of Science indicates that the university is actively increasing its scientific potential, in particular, due to the increase in the number of citations of our scientists’ publications and the active development of scientific activities at Precarpathian National University. On behalf of the entire university community, we express our sincere gratitude to Volodymyr Lushchak, Oleh Lushchak, Tetiana Tatarchuk, Volodymyr Shvadchak, Ivan Myroniuk, Alexander Shyichuk, Halyna Semchyshyn, Maria Bayliak, Viktor Husak, Andriy Zagorodnyuk, Dmytro Gospodaryov, Volodymyr Kotsyubynskiy, Olha Strilbytska, Ivan Budzulyak, Roman Dmytryshyn, Volodymyr Mandzyuk, Nadiia Mosiichuk, Lyubomyr Nykyruy, Bogdan Rachiy, Ihor Yurkevych for their effective educational and scientific activities and significant personal contribution to the development of Precarpathian National University. We wish you new achievements for the development of national science and the development of Ukraine as a whole! 💙💛