Our student actively improve their bioinformatics skills in practice

We would like to share successful experience of our student.

The exponential growth of biological data has led to the need for computer programs that can quickly process and analyze data. As a result, the combination of biology, computer science, and statistics has resulted in the emergence of bioinformatics. It has become an integral component of many aspects of modern science and medicine, helping in analyzing large amounts of data, developing new hypotheses, and improving research methods.

Our student, Sviatoslav Kharuk, is interested in biochemistry and bioinformatics. In addition to the university course on the basics of bioinformatics, Sviatoslav has completed other courses and trainings to improve his practical skills: a bioinformatics course as part of the project between Tübingen University and PNU under the DAAD (German Academic Exchange Service) program, a Biological Data Science Summer School in Uzhhorod with assignments under the mentorship of German researchers, and practical intensives at Explogen LLC and Enzyme (Lviv).

Sviatoslav actively studies programming, particularly in Python, and already has his own website where he shares his developments. In particular, he applied his initial programming skills in Python while preparing his bachelor’s thesis on intranasal peptide delivery to the brain. Using code written for his thesis (which calculates the number of amino acids in a peptide), he developed his first programming project – AminoAcidsCounter.