The practical tour of the 3rd stage (regional competition) of the All-Ukrainian School Biology Olympiad was held at the Faculty of Natural Sciences

On February 11th, the practical tour of the 3rd stage of the All-Ukrainian School Biology Olympiad was held at the Faculty of Natural Sciences of Precarpathian National University. Associate Professors of the Department of Biochemistry and Biotechnology Olexandra Abrat and Viktor Husak; Associate Professors of the Department of Biology and Ecology Viktor Shparyk, Neonila Dolynko and Andrew Zamoroka were members of the committee that prepared and organized practical tasks for the participants together with colleagues from the Institute of Postgraduate Education.

46 participants of grades 8-11 were admitted to the practical tour and were offered 4 laboratory works in zoology, anatomy and physiology, biochemistry and molecular biology. During two-hour work on practical tasks the participantsdemonstrated not only good level of theoretical knowledge but also significant practical skills.


The laboratory work in zoology for the 8th grade, prepared by Associate Professor Viktor Shparyk, assessed participants’ ability to work with biological objects. In particular, the task was to anatomize a Madagascar cockroach and mark its organs.

In the biochemistry laboratory work for grade 9, prepared by Associate Professor Olexandra Abrat, the participants had the opportunity to identify proteins using qualitative reactions, determining their presence in unknown solutions. The solutions were egg white, meat broth and synthetic soup.

The participants of 10th grades carried out a laboratory work on microscopy of tissues, prepared by Associate Professor Neonila Dolynko aimed to test their knowledge in anatomy and physiology of animals and humans.

The laboratory work in molecular biology for the 11th grade was prepared by Associate Professor Viktor Husak and was focused on students’ ability to make generalizations about the activity of enzymesin various tissues of plant and animal origin.

The jury of the practical tour consisted of Associate Professor Olena Vasylkiv (chairman), Head of the Laboratories Ivan Merdukh (deputy chairman), Associate Professors Myroslava Mylenka, Andrew  Zamoroka, Viktor Shparyk, Olexandra Abrat, Viktor Husak, Neonila Dolynko, and teachers Khrystyna  Bohovych and Yurii Lytsura promptly and professionally evaluated the works of the Olympiad participants.

Congratulations to the winners! We hope that the Olympiad was and outstanding experience for the participants and looking forward to hear about many of them as well-known talents in the field! Participants, don’t rest on your laurels – study, learn something new and develop. We wish you days full of success, inspiration and creativity under the peaceful Ukrainian sky!