Our students visited the IOCB

The 2nd year students Iryna Yatskiv and Khrystyna Fediv completed the internship at the largest research institute in the Czech Republic and shared their impressions:

“During the winter holidays, we had the opportunity to visit the Institute of Organic Chemistry and Biochemistry of the Czech Academy of Sciences in Prague. During the week, we got acquainted with various methods and devices that may be useful in the future. In particular, we learned about the nuances of working with cell culture: conditions, storage, transplantation, etc. We learnt about microscopy: what microscopes are available and how to use them. We learned how to work on contemporary confocal microscope (Leica SP8) and perform imaging of cancer cells.

We got acquainted with chemical laboratories and various spectrophotometry instruments. We also were trained to perform horizontal and vertical electrophoresis, including preparation of the necessary gel and analysis of the protein separation.

The trip was informative and interesting. We would like to express our gratitude to Associate Professor Volodymyr Shvadchak for the opportunity to visit the Institute and gain useful skills and knowledge.”