Annual internal student conference was held

On March 3-7, annual internal student conference was held at Precarpathian University.

On March 5, the teachers, staff and post-graduate students of our department presented their research and developments. The majority of the reports were devoted to the problems of obesity or ageing. Viktor Husak, Associate Professor of the Department, was also particularly distinguished, presenting a program for statistical data processing that he had developed to simplify the work of employees and students in analyzing the results of their research.

On March 6, our students presented their works. The topics of the students’ papers were very diverse. At the end of all the presentations, a secret ballot was held between teachers and students for the best oral presentations.

Three winners were selected, namely

Oksana Vasylyshyn with her work “Some clinical haematological parameters of mice fed a ‘cafeteria diet’ and broccoli sprouts”;

Svyatoslav Haruk with his work “Study of intranasal delivery of peptides to the brain of mice”;

Natalia Nechitailo with her work “The status of mitochondrial complex I in breast cancer cell lines”.

Noteworthy, all the conference participants showed a high level of preparation and presenting skills.