Congratulations to the staff of the Department on receiving the authors’ copy of the book ” Senescence, Senotherapeutics and Mitochondria»!

The printed version of the book “Senescence, Senotherapeutics and Mitochondria” (volume 136 of the book series “Advances in protein chemistry and structural biology”) of the prestigious publisher Elsevier has been issued. The Department of Biochemistry and Biotechnology received an authors’ copy of this book. Congratulations to the employees of the Department Oleh Lushchak, Dmytro Gospodaryov, Olha Strilbytska and Maria Bayliak, who are among the authors of the volume (chapter “Changing ROS, NAD and AMP: A path to longevity via mitochondrial therapeutics“)! We also congratulate Professor Volodymyr Lushchak for his excellent foreword to the entire volume. The book is dedicated to the compounds capable of increasing lifespan of living organisms by affecting their mitochondria, the organelles that are essential for the production of the universal energy “currency”, adenosine triphosphoric acid.