Faculty of Natural Sciences held a training camp for participants of the 4th stage of the All-Ukrainian Biology Olympiad (regional competition)

On March 25, the winners of the third stage (regional competition) of the All-Ukrainian School Biology Olympiad were preparing for the next stage at the Faculty of Natural Sciences. Practical training sessions were held by Oleksandra Abrat, Associate Professor of the Department of Biochemistry, and Andrii Zamoroka, Associate Professor of the Department of Biology and Ecology.

Participants in grades 8–11 had the opportunity to study many interesting techniques. In particular, at the Department of Biochemistry and Biotechnology, students prepared and evaluated fixed microscopy samples of microorganisms, performed chromatography of amino acids and pigments, and performed qualitative reactions on proteins.

The highlight of the event at the Department of Biology and Ecology was the laboratory work with the Madagascar cockroach, where participants practiced dissecting insect organs.

We are glad to have such responsible and motivated young people!