A Young Scientist-Biochemist of the University Nadiia Mosiichuk Took Part in the International Investigations

A young scientist of the Department of Biochemistry and Biotechnology of the faculty of Natural Sciences of our University, the Candidate of Biological Sciences Nadiia Mosiichuk, took part in the international investigations. Scientific experiments were conducted on the basis of the laboratory of the Department of Functional Zoology of Lund University (Lund, Sweden).The supervisors of the scientific investigation were Professor of Lund University Stefan Pierzynowski and Danica Grujic, the employee of the pharmaceutical company (Newton,USA).

Nadiia Mosiichuk informed that the medications for prevention and curing podagra had been studied.Scientific experiments were conducted on transgenic mice defective in the ferment uricase.Uricase is the ferment which is capable of decomposing uric acid into much simpler compositions.Specialists admit that it is the surplus content of uric acid in the blood of a man that results in the deposit of crystalline salt of this composition in the tissue and in the appearing of such a disease as podagra.

Nadiia Mosiichuk admitted that the conducted experiment had yielded certain results which would be taken into account at developing medicine for patients with kidney deficiency.

It should be mentioned that a young scientist-biochemist Nadiia Mosiichuk has already participated in the international investigations not only once. Recently within the frame of the program Visby (Swedish Institute Baltic Sea Region Exchange Program) she has worked in Kielanowski Institute of Animal Physiology and Nutrition (Yablonna, the Republic of Poland) at the development of nutrition for premature born babies.