Precarpathian University is among the TOP-10 best universities in Ukraine!

For the second time, Precarpathian National University is among the TOP-10 higher education institutions of Ukraine according to the data from the scientometric database Scopus in 2023. According to the Scopus analytical data, the Hirsch index of Precarpathian University reached 59, and it was 54 last year!

The ranking results are based on the citation rates of scientific articles published by educational institutions or their specialists. The ranking was compiled based on the results of scientometric monitoring of Ukrainian research and publishing entities according to the SciVerse Scopus database in April 2023.

The Scopus database indexes more than 20,000 scientific publications in the technical, medical and humanities sciences. The database also includes publications of scientific journals, conference proceedings and book publications.

The ranking table ranks Ukrainian universities according to the Hirsch index, a quantitative indicator based on the number of scientific publications and the number of citations.

At present, the scientists of Precarpathian have published 1646 articles in the journals included in the international scientometric database Scopus. The total number of citations is 1974.

In 2022, 1404 articles were published in the media, and the total number of citations was 15648.

The Scopus database is available here