Volodymyr Lushchak has one of the highest scientometric index among Ukrainian scientists

This month, the h-index of Volodymyr Lushchak, Professor of the Department of Biochemistry and Biotechnology of Vasyl Stefanyk Precarpathian National University, Honored Worker of Science and Technology of Ukraine, in the scientometric database Scopus reached 47. This means that Professor Lushchak has at least 47 articles, each of which has been cited at least 47 times.

Citation depends on the research topic, results relevance, results quality, and publication readability. An article in a mid-level life sciences journal may receive between one and ten citations per year. Articles often gain two or three dozen citations, after which they are cited very slowly. It is relatively easy to “reach” an h-index of about 10. After this marker, the growth of this scientometric indicator slows down significantly, and is determined by the publication that is the worst cited. That is why the h-index of 47 in Scopus is an indicator of the high quality of the researcher.

In total, Professor Volodymyr Lushchak has 230 publications indexed in the scientometric database Scopus with a total number of citations of 10196.